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Voluntourists from the Southern tip of India !

Arun, Hari, Bharthi and Jwalika are our Voluntourists from Bangalore and Chennai. They are experienced volunteers and hence taking up the Program naturally comes to them. They decide to spend 10 days in Ladakh and help us in our Projects.

The group is assigned Middle School Alchi in Alchi village. Alchi is home to the world famous Alchi Monastery also referred to as Alchi Chokshor. It is one of the oldest learning centers and houses the oldest surviving paintings. MS Alchi is a beautiful school with 40 students. The group is given the responsibility of setting up a playground donated by one of our corporate sponsors in addition to Reading Programs and Art and Craft activities.

Arun, Hari, Bharthi and Jwalika are all up for the physical labour involved to setup the playground and also conduct interesting Reading Programs. They help reinforce book borrowing and reading culture in the kids of Ladakh. They also conduct fun filled Art and Craft activities and the children are happy to have these Voluntourists around.

Thank you all for taking the time and effort for the cause!