Know where we have  reached

A great family of enthusiastic, passionate, inquisitive individuals visited Middle School Dha!

Dha is commonly referred to as 'Land of Aryans' and home to Drokpa community. It is believed that the residents are a part of Alexander the Great's army and came here some 2000 years ago! The community is settled in 5 villages out of which tourists are permitted to visit only two villages Dha and Hanu! #17000ft is very happy to arrange a visit to this school.
Arti, Sidharth and their sons - Vanshaj and Vardaan came prepared and had a list of activities to perform at the school. They were expert in all - be it art and craft, story telling, Digital modules, science projects, role plays! And all of this in the given time frame and with a smile on their faces!

Thank you Arti for all the co-operation extended to arrange the trip in a short time window, thank you Sidharth for taking time out from a busy schedule, thank you Vanshaj and Vardaan for the fantastic time with the kids! They are already looking forward to your visit next year!