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Anke voluntours @17000ft
Here's Anke's voluntouring experience in her own words:
"Since a long time I had put a visit to Ladakh on my travel list, not only to see the stunning landscape and to make a trekking, but also to contribute as volunteer with some activity in the educational field and it so happened that the 17000 Ft Foundation could fulfil this desire. 
I wanted to contribute my way to the education of children in remote areas - it is a right for every child every where in the world to get basic education, so that they can create better opportunities for themselves and their family lifes in the future and be aware of the talent that each individual has got. I wanted also to use my experience, go to the rural remote places and see under which condition the children really live, be part of them and at the same time make them a little bit more comfortable in the English language.
After a discussion with Sujata Sahu it was confirmed that I would go to the monastery in Skidmang : it is a small monastery located at 15000 Feet. The 17000 Ft Foundation had put up a library there in the past and the children were using the books.  It was a great experience and the best part was the interaction with the young nuns and monks. I did teach English 6 hours a day to nuns at 5th standard level. They had very little basic knowledge of English - they could spell their name, age, class level and make an initial contact by saying hello, welcome, but it was not possible to have a conversation with them. They are able to read the words at their level but they are not able to understand and explain what they have been reading. For that reason  we worked mainly on the comprehension of texts by reading and repeating , on increasing their vocabulary  and we used the story telling method. All of them were very good in drawing and writing. They were very attentive and did enjoy our intervention and support.
We lived with them, did eat the same food with them, played with them and had a lot of interaction during these days. It was a fantastic opportunity to see how happy these young nuns and monks are, their life is not distracted by Television, telephone, internet. They are satisfied with their lifestyle. They are very balanced, disciplined and social, they help each other where needed. They had a lot of fun too and enjoyed our company.
This volunteering work did fully correspond to my expectation and ideas. After having lived and worked nearly 5 years in India, I wanted to give something back my way for all the gratitude that I have received during this period.
I would recommend this type of activity to those who are interested in people in general and who have the conviction that supporting others who live in different circumstances is a wonderful act. It  enriches our lives too. You need to be adventurous too and abandon the daily luxury we encounter, have patience and make fun.
I believe the purpose of human life is to help each other where possible and there is nothing more meaningful to me than knowing that I have done so on a very limited scale. I felt very much rejuvenated when I came back. It will keep a memory of this experience for the rest of my life.
Anke M.L. Bollen."
Thanks Anke for voluntouring with us!