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Experienced Volunteers become Voluntourists!
Anchal and Rohini - mother daughter duo- come calling to Ladakh inspired by our three time voluntourists. They have already volunteered for under privileged children and elders. This time they decide to bring international exposure to the kids of Ladakh.
They are assigned Gonpa School Shachukul. It is a beautiful monk school in Shachukul village very near to Pangong Lake. They both conduct interesting Reading Program and Role plays and the kids have a great time. They also conduct Art and Craft workshops and introduce some new painting techniques to the children. They help reinforce book borrowing and reading culture among the kids of Ladakh and help improve their vocabulary as well.
Rohini writes ...
...Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to volunteer in Ladakh. We both had the most wonderful experience and were really touched by the experience. The journey opened up a completely new world to us and for me especially, gave me a new outlook on education. All the kids were so willing and eager to learn and were a pleasure to work with. We hope that our journey was helpful in giving the kids exposure to the outside world, as we definitely learned quite a bit from our experiences. From being grateful for all that we have, to simply enjoying the basic pleasures in life, the students taught us an immense amount and we certainly returned with new outlooks and perspectives, as well as increased familiarity with dry pit toilets! This is truly an eye opening program and is beneficial to every person that chooses to embark upon this remarkable journey.....
Thank you both for your time and effort for the cause!