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A Volunteering Trip planned in 2013 and fulfilled in 2016

Ajita had planned to volunteer with 17000 ft Foundation and travel to remote schools along with the team. Though an illness prevents her from making the trip in 2013, she, however, perseveres, and resolves to make it another year. That trip fructifies in 2016 and she travels to Ladakh for a couple of weeks to volunteer with the Foundation.

She and a team of other volunteers is assigned the task of setting up a library in High School Wanla, situated in a beautiful village about 4 hours away from Leh. A recently designated Residential High School, it is a home to students who come from many remote villages, many a day or two of a walk away. 

After a few days of training and planning in the Head Office, the team leaves for Wanla and spends the next few days there, staying at a home stay and leaving every day for the school to work. The team setup the library, train the teachers on the 17000 ft Library Management System and conduct reading workshops for all children during Library Hour.

Ajita also spends her last couple of days travelling and visiting the Aryan Villages of Dha and Hanu, the La Mayuru Monastery and other places.

Thank You, Ajita, for your time with the school. The Library is running beautifully!