Know where we have  reached

Seeking adventure in voluntouring

Abhijeet, an avid adventure seeker and photographer is keen to explore the remote interiors of Ladakh and is keen that he contribute his time constructively as well. He reaches out to 17000ft to be a part of our programs.

Being an adventurist and a solo traveller, we weren't too worried about his ability to adapt to the harsh terrain and climate and made him a part of the team. He, along with our team was assigned the task of mapping, monitoring and conducting the 17000ft Reading Program in many schools across Changthang.

We know Abhijeet came away enriched by the experience of visiting schools so far away and remote that they are on nobody's radar. We, for our part, are thankful to him, not only for contributing his time to help us conduct our monitoring exercises, but also in giving us those incredible pictures that only a good photographer can take!

Thanks Abhijeet for helping the team of 17000ft !