Know where we have  reached

“Ladakh Digi Yountan – Tablets for every hamlet" takes off in #Ladakh!

Tablet in every Hamlet - is an extension of the 17000 ft DigiLab Program (Solar Powered Digital Classroom) which is currently active in 100+ schools across both, Leh and Kargil Districts of Ladakh and was built specifically for areas with neither continuous electricity  (it is solar powered) nor mobile connectivity (uses local internet). Under this initiative, children schools of Leh and Kargil district will get to take home the tablet for a specificed period of time say one week. At the end of one week, the tablets are prperly sanitized and assigned to a new set of students. The schedule is as per the roster prepared by the teachers. The tablets have customised digital content mapped to their syllabus. Every student has an individual login ID and can learn at his/her own pace. 

The Program assumes neither the presence of electricity nor internet connectivity, requiring children to only charge the tablet at home and learn, while the teachers can monitor the students' performance through a specially designed app. 

EdTech has finally reached the frontier villages of Ladakh!!