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Voluntourist@17000ft is our Program that connects committed travellers to remote villages where they can contribute, even while on vacation

A Voluntourist, while being given the opportunity to be a part of this ancient culture, brings exposure to these off the track villages, contributes to the local economy and helps spread the impact of 17000 ft programs 


Enabling travellers to contribute to schools.

Voluntourist: A person on a vacation for an altruistic activity intended to promote good or improve human quality of life.

Voluntourist@17000ft: 17000 ft works in each and every remote school of Ladakh. A majority of them are Government run and a few are self-funded. While some of their needs are unique, a majority of them have similar problems. Limited infrastructure, lack of resources, shortage of teachers, limited training for existing teachers and almost no exposure to the outside world. While 17000 ft runs many structured programs through its own facilitators, Voluntourists form an integral part of our plan for rural Ladakh.

Voluntourist@17000ft is our program that connects committed adventure travellers who can be counted upon to go to these off-the-track villages, contribute meaningfully and experience the real Ladakh. 

The Voluntourist@17000ft program aims at structuring volunteering attempts, equalizing support across more villages and orienting Voluntourists with the appropriate knowledge and skills required to maximize impact.  

Who can be a Voluntourist? Voluntouring  in  Ladakh  is  not  for  the unadventurous. The  one factor that binds all our Voluntourists  together is their sense of adventure, their willingness  to experience the real Ladakh, their openness to learning from an ancient culture, and more importantly, their passion to give back something in return as well. 17000  ft  has small group programs for individual and families, as well as more long term structured programs for School  and  Corporate  groups  who can come together as a team, fundraise and adopt the the infrastructure needs of a village school.

The Program: There are structured 10 day, 16 day and one month Programs for Individual Voluntourists, while the school and corporate group programs are tailored to fit the skill sets and needs of the group.  The program within Ladakh is created and organized entirely by 17000 ft in collaboration with the remote school and is conducted  and  facilitated  by our  own  team  of  young, Ladakhi  facilitators  who  are themselves eager to give back to their own community. The program involves training and orientation at our Leh Office, long travels to remote areas, stay at village home-stays/guesthouses, volunteering  work  at  the local  school and  an  opportunity  to  visit  some  of the more  popular sights  of  Ladakh. The  Program  content ranges  from  conducting  Reading Programs  (helping children  to  read),  Art  Workshops  (exposing  children to  different  art  forms), Science  Workshops  (activities aimed  at  making Science  interesting),  video  modules  and Infrastructure  Projects  (setting up  playgrounds, repairs/building etc), as well as other unique skills that a Voluntourist can expose our children to.

The Impact: 17000 ft supports over a 100 remote schools in Ladakh today and has an audacious mandate to reach out to the hundreds more that still lie ignored and isolated. A Voluntourist visit helps put these villages back on the map; gives its people the confidence and assurance of being looked out for and helps motivate the teachers who struggle to deal with neglect and a lack of exposure. More importantly, it opens up a new world to its little children who have no opportunity to see outside their tiny mountainous hamlets. At 17000 ft, we have a mandate to send Voluntourists to each and every village of Ladakh and we nurture a dream of being the bridge between them and the outside world. The possibilities are endless !