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Yearly Teacher Training Programs and in-school workshops, executed in collaboration with DIETS, designed to build capacity, empower teachers in remote schools and ensure delivery at the remote school


Teacher Training Programs and In-School Workshops to improve teacher capacity

TeacherTraining@17000ft is our program that brings new and relevant pedagogy to the school system through a system of continuous teacher training and capacity building workshops, conducted centrally and direct at the remote school. 

Our Impact so far

Collaboration with DIETS of Leh and Kargil Districts as training partners

Teachers of over 90% schools of Leh District trained directly in multiple methodologies

Ladakh has hundreds of tiny hamlets, isolated and sparesely populated, many with just a handful of school age children. Each of these schools has dedicated teachers who spend months away from their own homes and families, coming from other distant villages to teach. Less than 33% of teachers, however, are graduates, and less than 40% are professionally qualified, with the lack of exposure and isolation only adding to the problems of the teachers.

Our teacher training programs are run in collaboration with the local administration and are geared towards capacity building of DIET (District Institute of Education and Trainings), along with special emphasis on regular, direct in-school training of teachers. Our training programs are conducted in the winter months of Dect to Feb when all schools are shut due to the severe cold, and are followed up with regular, in-school workshops.