Know where we have  reached


MapMySchool is our flagship project for each of the 963 remote schools of Ladakh. A software that has each of these schools geomapped and placed on a map of Ladakh giving you an opportunity to find about these schools on your travel route


Every school of Ladakh, geo-mapped on a software platform.

A tool to help locate some of the remotest schools in the world, MapMySchool is a map based software meant to help plan interventions by 17000 ft and the local administration in remote schools, involving not just the village, but also the adventure travellers who can be encouraged to visit these beautiful, but offbeat locations.


MapMySchool@17000ft was built by the Founders, die-hard trekkers themselves, based on an idea from our Technology Partners, Karnataka Learning Partnership, built from their own software and adapted as a crowd sourcing platform for adventure travelers to contribute towards these schools during their travels in remote Ladakh.

MapMySchool has information on each and every school of Leh and Kargil Districts of Ladakh along with our interventions and needs. This platform also allows travelers and visitors to share their experiences for the world to see.

We have a mission to help all the remote schools of Ladakh and we obviously cannot do it alone. There is a lot that is possible, if we collaborate towards a common good.

MapMySchool@17000ft is essentially

A planning tool for 17000 ft Foundation and the local adminstration to plan, execute and record every intervention required and made in each of these schools

A collaborative platform, giving the adventure traveller a chance to combine their vacation with an opportunity to contribute to a rural school

Making it easy for even the remote Ladakhi community to share their experiences and vision with the outside world and seek meaningful interactions with a visiting community.

Technology and social media, that comes together in a platform, to enable tourists with common interests to collaborate and do good.

A message board that spreads the word about the various interventions being planned, either by 17000 ft or by passing visitors.