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Electrifying and Providing Digital Access in Rural Schools


Ladakh is spread over 65,000 sq. km. of harsh mountain terrain, with a few hundred tiny, hamlets dotting its landscape. With distances and inaccessible terrains leading to problems of access, what the system needs, are interventions that will help bridge the gap between these remote, isolated schools and the rest of the world. Technology, therefore becomes an important enabler and leveler, which can help bring much needed developmental efforts to the children of this region.

The 17000ft DigiLab is a unique solution pioneered by 17000ft to reach the power of Digital Learning to areas with neither electricity nor mobile connectivity. It provides all the necessary solar and digital hardware, along with the learning and support required to ensure that children get the benefit of digital learning opportunities. 

Ladakh today has 100+ DigiLabs and have proven themselves to be the only recourse for children unfortunate to be living out of the reach of Ed-Tech

The DigiLab is setup with tablets, an LED T.V, a Raspberry Pi Server, all powered by Solar Electricity.

Thanks to our DigiLabs, children were able to learn from the safety and comfort of their homes under the program - Tablet in Every hamlet.

Tablet in Every Hamlet - is an extension of the 17000ft DigiLab Program wherein children from schools of Leh and Kargil district get to take home the tablet for a specificed period of time say one week. At the end of one week, the tablets are prperly sanitized and assigned to a new set of students. The schedule is as per the roster prepared by the teachers. The tablets have customised digital content mapped to their syllabus. Every student has an individual login ID and can learn at his/her own pace. 

The Program assumes neither the presence of electricity nor internet connectivity, requiring children to only charge the tablet at home and learn, while the teachers can monitor the students' performance through a specially designed app. 

Over 2000 children are learning regularly from their home supported by their teachers and the 17000ft team. 

We intend to include more schools as and when we have the requisite funds for expansion.