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The program is a one year collaboration between 17000 ft Foundation and UNICEF India to promote child friendly practices in the rural government schools. 


The UNICEF Child Friendly School Program is being implemented in 99 schools of Nubra and Khaltsi blocks of Leh district by 17000 ft Foundation. Under this program, teachers and headmasters of the selected schools were trained on child friendly techniques and practices and were encouraged to adopt these techniques and apply such practices in their schools. 

The following is a list of successfully implemented measures across all schools -


School Environment & Infrastructure

  • Almost all schools on average were able to provide dustbins in all classrooms of their school.
  • Majority of the schools were also able to install hand wash area with soap to promote hygienic practices among children.
  • White wash of classrooms completed to promote cleanliness and to make classrooms look brighter and lively.

Teacher Development & Support

  • Almost all the schools surveyed organized exchange programs with nearby schools to share knowledge and techniques with each other.
  • Majority of the schools had not only increased the frequency of their Staff meetings but changed the scope of their meetings to discuss problems, issues and concerns related to the school and also share best practices
  • Many of the schools surveyed had improved their teaching training process to include peer learning.

Learning Environment

  • Many of the schools surveyed had created schedules and made it mandatory to include TLMs in the classrooms
  • A majority of the schools surveyed had duties distributed among school captains to inculcate leadership skills and develop sense of responsibility among children.
  • Dedicated day for games and activities: Many of the schools have dedicated Saturday as sports day where sports activities are conducted among children.

Community and Civil Society Partnership

  • Parents Teachers meeting and meeting with VECs are held on regular basis to keep the community informed of new developments in the school.
  • Picnics and village tours organized to educate the children about their village.
  • Invited elderly people from the village to share stories or experiences with the children of the school.
  • The Program will contnue till the end of 2017.