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For corporates

Impacting lives in one of the toughest and most inhospitable regions of the world is an audacious mandate and we cannot do it without help.

Partner with us. Help us reach out to the hundreds of tiny village schools that lie ignored. 

Why engage with 17000 ft ?

17000 ft Foundation was setup by ex-corporate professionals, who chose to drop out of their careers in favour of impacting thousands of lives. It has an audacious mandate and works in areas that are isolated and ignored by the local administration and not for profits alike. These villages have been untouched for centuries and require the support and consideration of the outside world, while the more accessible of the "cities" of Leh and surrounding areas receive support from the outside world.

Our core mandate is to improve education and create opportunities at every remote village, in an effort to stem the slow exodus of young children and families to far away citiies. Our biggest strength is our ability to work within the system, using existing resources and creating an ecosystem of growth and opportunity. 

In just the five years of our existence, our programs have already shown an impact  with the local administration having adopted our programs and implementing them across all of its schools. 

We are looking to partner with Organizations that are looking to impact lives and provide better education for children in some of the most ignored communities of India and in particular, understand and welcome the challenges and obvious impact of working in these villages.

Our projects have been conceptualized and broken down into modules to maximize impact and allow for maximum visibility.