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You have to be an adventurer at heart to work with 17000 ft. We are always looking for good people who share our love for the region and the cause. We have three offices to fill. Write to us!


17000ft  Leh  Office

Our Leh Office is the Operations Head for Leh District and despite having a large office, it is almost always empty since everybody is out travelling in remote villages for days at a time. Our team here is young and enthusiastic and largely belong to the very regions that we try to impact through our programs. These are the leaders who will then go on to inspire people from their villages.

Living and working here is not for the unadventurous, faint of heart or even for those who like quiet desk jobs. Work at our Leh Office, is not as romantic as it sounds. It is tough, unending and involves constant travel in extremely remote areas for days and weeks at a time. When not travelling, our back office is very active with data, reporting, filing and inventory related jobs and that too is neither quiet nor easy.

Our Leh Office does not have a "season", since education does not have a season. We work for 12 months in a year, even in the harshest of winters. 

We are always looking for good people to be a part of our ever growing team.An ability to travel and stay for extended periods in remote villages with minimum resources is a must. Physical fitness, knowledge of the terrain and a willingness to work independently is a quality that everyone on our team possess. The internet and electricity may not work very well here, but we are a highly technical team and possessing good computer skills is mandatory for everyone.

We are always looking for people who think like us and if you are one of them please send your CV along with a Cover Letter. The cover letter is the most important part of your application.

It should be used to tell us how your experience, achievements, skills, knowledge & training gained in past employment & other activities that will enable you to perform at 17000 ft. Your experience and knowledge of Ladakh and/or other remote areas will also be of great importance. 

So, come Join Us! Be a part of our audacious mandate to reach out to 400 schools of Ladakh

Send your resume with a cover note to