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You have to be an adventurer at heart to work with 17000 ft. We are always looking for good people who share our love for the region and the cause. We have three offices to fill. Write to us!


17000ft Gurgaon Office

We are a young Not for Profit that works to improve lives and better education and in very remote villages of Ladakh. Not just the Ladakh that everyone wants to visit, but tiny, far flung villages that are off the beaten track and take hours and sometimes days of trekking to reach. In just the three years of our existence, we today support 200 schools in remote villages, all in altitudes above 9,000 ft, and even in temperatures of -35 degrees.

We have offices in beautiful Leh and Kargil, filled with young enthusiastic Ladakhis, who sometimes spend weeks away from their homes, living and travelling in tough surroundings, conducting programs for children. And to support them, we have a tiny Head Office, in not so exciting Gurgaon, which is where all the back end work is done.

17000 ft Foundation is looking for people to fill its’ rather empty Head Office in Gurgaon. It seems everyone wants to work only in Ladakh! But someone needs to stay back and brag about what we do in these tough, inhospitable, yet amazing villages.

So, if you are someone who is looking for a job on the ground but don't mind the occasional perks of travelling to higher altitudes, we might have a job for you. If you have the skills to handle the back office of an Organization, and the passion to understand the needs of a grassroots organization, we definitely have a job for you. 

If you are inspired by our work, are thrilled by what we are trying to achieve and want to be a part of a team that thrives on adventure, apply at the link below or simply write to us at with your resume.

Tell us how your experience, achievements, skills, knowledge & training gained in past employment & other activities that will enable you to perform at 17000 ft. Your experience and knowledge of Ladakh and/or other remote areas will also be of great importance.

Come Join Us! We promise you won't always have your feet on the ground!

Send your resume with a cover note to