Know where we have  reached


We could talk endlessly about our work, but if you could hear it from someone else, we would feel good too. Our headmasters, teachers, voluntourists speak for us.

Mustafa Kamal Sir – Teacher, Dist. President, Kargil teachers

"Hatts of to Team 17000ft Foundation especially Sujata Sahu Madam for untiring endeavors in improving education standard of Ladakh. We are truly inspired by your initiatives, Madam.

Keep inspiring us. Good luck ahead."

Asgar Ali Sir – Head Master, Middle School Khunda, Kargil

"Once again thanks to 17000ft and their members for providing santizer and other items on 15/02/2021 to our school MS Khunda. Students will be benefited by the items provided. We have sanitized the whole school. On behalf of staff members, students,and parents I Asgar Ali Head Master thanks the founder of 17000ft and members for helping us."

Mohd Ali – Villager - Thang -the last village on the Indian side of LOC

“We stay in the last village Thang. We got to know some people did distribute masks in the village. But distribution of Covid-19 relief material has been carried out by 17000 ft only. Even during Covid times, 17000 ft team members have visited the school regularly. Even the Tablets distributed by them have been very useful to the kids.”

Sajjad Hussain Sir – Teacher at MS Gound Minjee

"On behalf of  teaching staff, Headmaster MS Gound Minjee, VEC members, Villagers and Volenteers. l am very thankful for Digilab setup in our school. Thank you, thank you, thank very much Mam Sujata Sahu Founder of 17000ft Foundation, thanks Sandeep Sir, thanks all staff of 17000ft foundation, thank you Axis Bank."

Mohammed Ali Sir – Head Master, Middle School Chulichan

"I on behalf of my Staff members, students & parents pay my heartiest  gratitude espicially to Madam Sujata Sahu, all her staff members and the resposible personalities of Axis Bank Dilse who are jointly working selflessly to enhance the educational status of the remote areas with zeal and enthusiasm. really such services are service to God. By grace of Almighty, my school is also fully digitalised by the esteemed personalities of 17000 ft Foundation & Axis Bank.
Also my dedicated staff members who deserve encomium for fullfilling my wishes as they are performing their services with keen interest and in an enthusiastic manner."

Priti Jaswaney – Edelweiss Voluntourist Group - 2018

"Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the 17000 ft Foundation team for the last 10 days as your volunteering brigade. Thank you for the warmth and great hospitality too, we come back reminiscing our time spent with the kids, the team and amidst the wonderful Ladakhi culture."