Know where we have  reached

About Us

17000 ft Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization setup with a focus to improve lives of people living in very remote villages, in areas that lie isolated and forgotten due to difficulties posed by tough terrain. 

Our Story

17000 ft, 3 mountain passes, -20 degree temperatures, 25 horses, 1500 kg of school furniture and a 100 eager, smiling children in one of the remotest schools of rural Ladakh, is where our story began.

17000 ft – Is the highest our team has crossed on foot and the furthest we have travelled to reach our remotest beneficiary - A school in remote Ladakh which remains cut off from civilization for 6 months of a year due to harsh winters. We've seen some incredibly remote schools, in the harshest of terrains, with extremely dedicated teachers and a sometimes just a handful of children. Struggling with bare minimum infrastructure and even lesser resources, managing just with determination and the will to succeed, these far-flung little schools of Ladakh are the only hope for the nomadic and rural children of Ladakh.

17000 ft Foundation is the story of a team of inspired corporate professionals and avid trekkers who left their corporate worlds to embark on a journey of social change. We started out in 2012 with just a few schools, today, our programs cover two districts, and almost 900 schools of Ladakh.